Reduce workplace stress – the natural way!

Having worked in a high-pressure office environment before I trained as a reflexologist – and having treated high-achieving, often highly stressed clients  – I am aware of how stress can impact a person not only physically but also emotionally.

Stress can trigger anxiety and depression, irritability, insomnia; it weakens the immune system, which can lead to physical illness. In fact, stress is at the root of around 70 percent of the illnesses.

As a mobile reflexologist, I will arrive at your office with a special reclining chair, where you sit comfortably fully clothed. I will apply pressure to reflex points and zones on the face, feet or hands creating a stimulating effect which relaxes tension, improves the circulation, can restore balance to the body and stimulates natural healing processes. The Indian Head Massage is dry (without oil), working on acupressure points on the upper back, shoulders, neck, head, face, ears and arms) and it’s perfect for an office environment.


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